7 Ways to Improve Your Writing… Right Now

James Chartrand (and there’s a story behind that name, by the way) posted this today on CopyBlogger. This is all good advice.

1. Be concise and clear.

If you can’t say it simply in just a few words, then you’ve lost readers. Write short, write lean, and write clearly, so you don’t have to waste words explaining what you’ve just written.

2. Keep it short.

Surprise: this one is about line length.

… go for short. Set your page layout so that it’s not full width, or if you need that full width, keep sentences short and use plenty of paragraph breaks.

100 characters per line is optimal for speed — but about 45 characters is best for reader comfort.

3. Stick to three

Who knew?

…  have 3 bullet points. 3 steps, 3 strategies. Use the number 3 as often as you can. Not only will you capture better reader interest by doing so, but you’ll improve your readers’ ability to remember what you’ve written. We tend to chunk information into groups of three, and recall those triads more easily.

And I know the title here is a list of 7, but, what the heck, she said stick to three, so I will. the rest are on the post:

7 Ways to Improve Your Writing… Right Now | Copyblogger

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